All specialists in the field of maintenance, safety and engineering under one roof

At MENTHOR THOR-Engineering is the specialised body for Engineering with a wide range of engineering disciplines. Beyond that, MENTHOR is an advocate of the Co-Creation principle so works very closely with a large group of specialised partners. The Co-Creation principle enables the provision of total engineering packages at a very high level with the maximum relief of the customer’s concerns.


MENTHOR houses specialists in maintenance, safety and engineering under one roof. This unique combination enables the design of cleverly conceived installations that are ‘safe’ and ‘easy to maintain’. Furthermore, the completed project has also been maximally prepared for transfer to the responsible maintenance and safety department. This can include aspects such as CE certification, worksite forms, maintenance programmes, lubrication schedules, (critical) parts to be routinely changed, etc.

Our Engineering Services

Industrial architects

The achievement of technical projects is only possible when all the necessary specialists come to work together. The right man in the right place at…

Technical Document Management

Technical installations can only be kept properly under control if one can fall back on technical archives that are complete and up to date.

Machine Engineering

The manufacturing industry is the largest group of companies requiring machine engineering. The production lines are often a sequence of different machines that each in…

Piping & Equipment Engineering

The chemical and process industry has exceptional needs for piping and process engineering.


With the process of automation one tries to replace repetitive human actions by machines to the extent possible. Such automation also ensures greater safety and…

Construction Engineering

With industrial installations it is almost never possible to neatly place the technical installations on the floor. They must often be positioned above each other…

Building & Facility

Industrial installation are also often associated with office or production buildings built of stone and concrete that are also usually conditioned. This type of building…

Project Management

Depending on the size of the project, its achievement may require a simple or comprehensive project approach. THOR-Maintenance can support you here as an external partner…

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