Safety and welfare at the workplace

The biggest nightmare for companies and their organisation is their employees (internal/external) being injured because of unsafe technical installations or processes. This can cause real accidents, and physical or psychological disorders that can originate in the longer term from working with these installations.

Numerous processes, techniques and tools have been developed to prevent these types of situations to a maximum. Prevention policy is an important principle here, while a large part of the solution is defining roles and responsibilities. Everyone in and around the company has a part to play here.

THOR-Safety has made it its mission to help companies increase safety and welfare at the workplace.

At MENTHOR the ‘engineering’, ‘maintenance’ and ‘safety’ disciplines are housed under one roof. They share their expertise in their mutual projects. This allows safety to be seen in a much wider context than only based on the machine and production process. Machines are usually perfectly safe for the production process for which they are intended. However, things often go wrong when other work has to be done on the machines such as maintenance, overhauls, cleaning, calibrating, etc. In most cases no proactive thought goes into such work and dangerous situations then originate. This is certainly the case when a number of activities have to be carried out together.

THOR-Safety is an experienced partner with a wide range of experience, techniques and tools to help assure a safe and ergonomic working environment.


Our Safety Services

Safety Assessments

A safety organisation grows step by step depending on the requirements and the resources available. This often does not happen according to a proposed plan,…

Safety Organisation

A high-performance safety organisation is more than an organisation chart and some signs. A whole series of tools, documents, procedures, certificates, inspections, etc. must ensure…

Proactive structures

An accident sometimes hides in a small corner… it is often said. They actually mean an unfamiliar corner, because most accidents happen during exceptional actions…

Safety Excellence

A logical question after a high-performance safety organisation has been developed is, ‘Can things be made even more efficient?’. Then the task involves searching for…

Safety Output Control

All the efforts put into setting up a good safety service are only worthwhile if the intended results are also achieved. The intended results do,…

Project Management

Depending on the size of the project, its achievement may require a simple or comprehensive project approach. THOR-Maintenance can support you here as an external partner…

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