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MENTHOR always keeps its finger on the pulse to know what is going on in the technical/organisational world. Each MENTHOR employee works within an inspiring and high-performance organisation that enables personal development and further growth. As a result, interesting challenges can always be offered along with numerous fascinating career possibilities.

Are you an enthusiastic technician who loves innovation and is happy to rise to any challenge? MENTHOR offers a permanent journey of discovery at a company where you are surrounded by colleagues with the same passion and drive.

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Why work at MENTHOR?

As an engineering office with a wide range of technical expertise MENTHOR is an employer with a comprehensive range of specialisations. This is where people with technical and/or organisational ambitions find what they are looking for. There is always something new to learn.

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There is nothing more fascinating than working in a team of technical people on projects, and bringing the projects to a successful conclusion. On the other hand there is nothing more difficult than finding compromises in an enthusiastic team of technicians. This is certainly the case when there is a mix of colleagues, partners, customers, suppliers, etc.

MENTHOR has introduced its own company principles to have project processes run smoothly. This is a comprehensive range of arrangements and considerations that form the common thread to achieve conflict-free cooperation. They are called the THOR Values.

They are discussed with staff at regular intervals.
These are subjects such as:

These MENTHOR Values help create a fine working atmosphere with mutual respect for everyone in our working environment.

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Application Procedure

Applications can only be submitted online. This is the case for both positions on the site and for unsolicited applications. The application procedure works as follows:

Fill in the application form next to the vacancy. All fields are compulsory. Make sure you also send in your CV. When you have sent the application form your details are included in our personnel files. Our personnel files strictly comply with privacy laws.

Each application is evaluated. A procedure automatically starts in which the competences of each candidate are checked against the needs of the relevant position or other outstanding vacancies. MENTHOR will decide whether or not to invite the candidate for an interview based on the evaluation. MENTHOR will always inform the candidate of its decision. 

If it is decided to organise an interview you will receive an invitation. At this interview the CV and technical background are discussed and we get to know each other a little better. Additional tests can take place if necessary.

MENTHOR will draw up a final assessment of all candidates who have completed the whole selection procedure and decide whether a suitable candidate can be employed. The selected candidate is then offered a cooperation agreement. On agreement the new employee is welcomed and the welcome procedure starts. The new employee receives initial training during which the MENTHOR organisation and structures are explained. If additional training is required, this is immediately planned so the new employee can get going as soon as possible.  

Outstanding vacancies

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Technical Maintenance Administrator (Ref.: ME19008)

The Technical Maintenance Administrator has a multidisciplinary skill set. He/she processes all work orders in detail including the reservation of materials, tools and instructions. He/she examines the production installations to verify and/or gauge technical details before making and explaining technical suggestions. He/she discusses the results with the maintenance engineer and/or the work preparer/planner. He/she takes care of administrative processing in software programs, document management systems and hard copy archives. The Technical Maintenance Administrator always takes a critical look at safety and technical details and communicates on them.

Asset Management Consultant (Ref.: MC19007)

The Asset Management Consultant draws up assessments, and more specifically for detailing the technical organisation at the customer. Then the potential for improvement is analysed with the associated plan of approach. The Asset Management Consultant is someone with much experience and who always looks critically at existing system processes, employees and data management. With experience and knowledge at hand, requests from customers can be translated into concrete projects or concepts.

Maintenance (Project) Engineer (Ref.: MC16012)

The Maintenance (Project) Engineer supervises projects at the customer. He/she also works to put Asset Management Techniques into practice along with their implementation. He/she works closely together with the customer and gives advice on all maintenance aspects. He/she monitors the planning and objectives of the Maintenance Project. The Maintenance (Project) Engineer reports to the customer and the Maintenance Manager at THOR-Maintenance.

Work Preparer/Planner (ref.: MC16010)

The Work Preparer and Planner has a multidisciplinary skill set. He/she is responsible for ensuring that work of the technicians who carry out technical maintenance on the machines of the customers is prepared and planned in such a way that they can autonomously carry out their work. This is according to set planning and instructions. He/she communicates very closely with the customer and pays regular visits to customers. He/she is responsible for the correct conclusion and evaluation of the work supplied using the tools made available for that purpose. The activities to be prepared and planned are in the field of; controls and inspections, cleaning, preventive maintenance, lubrication, repairs (electrical and mechanic), alignment, overhauls, fault-finding, adaptations to machines, etc. He/she must attach great importance to safety and prevention.

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