Structure & organisation

A reliable partner for industrial companies

MENTHOR is an engineering office that guides industrial companies when setting up their technical organisations and takes the lead with the achievement of their technical projects. To offer a maximal service as a single point of contact, MENTHOR works with three specialised divisions. These divisions are THOR-Engineering, THOR-Maintenance and THOR-Safety. Together they accordingly cover most of the potential technical requirements.


MENTHOR is the umbrella organisation that also provides umbrella services.

These include ‘Industrial Assessments’, ‘Consulting Projects’ and ‘Training’.


THOR-Maintenance helps its customers to organise their technical maintenance. This ranges from optimising technical organisation to carrying out Maintenance Engineering projects. This can be in the form of ‘Contracting’, ‘Sub-Contracting’ or ‘Secondment’ cooperation.
THOR Engineering


THOR-Engineering assists with engineering projects for a wide range of disciplines and sectors. From Engineering for new installations to the adaptation of existing machines. Mechanical, electrical, automation, piping, civil, etc. This can be as ‘Contracting’, ‘Sub-Contracting’ or ‘Secondment’.


THOR-Safety has the purpose of making all technical installations operable and maintainable without risk. The whole spectrum of safety tools is applied to deliver safe technical installations. THOR-Safety helps with the certification of technical installations and work processes.