A valuable partner when setting up your maintenance department and business processes

The basic definition of maintenance is ‘putting an asset management organisation in place that has the purpose of keeping the asset in good condition in an efficient way, and in such a way that it has maximum availability for the intended company activities’.

This is however only the ‘What’, and the ‘How’ is a whole lot more extensive and complex. A maintenance department attempts to organise itself in such a way that the above can be achieved using as few as possible resources. The resources are used for setting up a maintenance plan, the management of spare parts, technical document management, implementation of CMMS software, management of skills and competences, work preparation and planning, risk controls, safety, compliance with legal obligations, creation of history, budget control, machine reliability and working life, etc.


THOR-Maintenance is a valuable partner that assists in setting up business processes while assuring them at the organisation. In view of the large scale of the whole package, THOR-Maintenance has created a number of standard tools and processes to offer great efficiency during a project.

Our Maintenance Services

Maintenance Assessments

Technical services grow step by step depending on the requirements and the resources available for them. This often does not happen according to a proposed…

Maintenance Organisation & Processes

THOR-Maintenance has developed a number of tools, formats and techniques that help set up the maintenance organisation and processes in a highly efficient way.

Proactive Organisation

The biggest enemies of technical companies are unexpected breakdowns. These situations can be avoided by implementing a proactive organisation, that based on the expected failure…

Maintenance Excellence

A logical question after a high-performance maintenance organisation has been developed is: ‘Can it be even more efficient?’. Then the task involves searching for synergies and…

Maintenance Output Control

All the efforts put into setting up a good technical service are only worthwhile if the intended results are also achieved. The intended results do,…

Project Management

Depending on the size of the project, its achievement may require a simple or comprehensive project approach. THOR-Maintenance can support you here as an external partner…

Maintenance Strategy Management

Despite our best efforts in setting up a high-performance technical service, there will always be internal and/or external factors that compel us to adapt in…

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