Vision, Mission, Values, Strategy

What are we striving for and what do we stand for?

Our vision

What are we striving for?

Companies are constantly becoming smaller and more specialised, so internal resources and specific knowledge are limited. Internal technical knowledge and experience reduce strongly and must be sought outside.

MENTHOR wants to support industrial companies in setting up a high-performance technical service in a globalised world. This is done by putting these structures in place whereby the need for internal technical specialisations remains limited.

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Our mission

What do we stand for?

MENTHOR wants to give its customers control of the technical organisation, and supply them with expertise that is absent at their own organisation.

With MENTHOR’s expertise and together with the customer, we develop high-performance technical organisations and successful projects.

Our values

Relationships built on values

MENTHOR only uses standards and values that benefit a long-term relationship with customers and partners. Transparency and correctness top the list.

Our own internal standards and values form the basis of the ethical operation and attitude of the MENTHOR organisation.

Our strategy

More value and control

With Engineering, Maintenance and Safety under one roof MENTHOR can guarantee that all its projects are optimised for the three disciplines. The transfer of the project to the Asset Owner then proceeds swiftly and efficiently. No internal rework is needed.

MENTHOR truly believes in the Co-Creation principle and also implements this throughout its own organisation. For its projects they put flexible teams together with specific specialisations, and specific levels on top. As a result, the project team has all the necessary specialisations on-board and each specialist does the work at his or her level. This work method maximises the Quality/Price ratio and the added value of the project.

MENTHOR has also developed its own project tools and processes that enable fast and efficient work.