A reliable partner for industrial companies

MENTHOR is an engineering office

that guides industrial companies when setting up their technical organisations and takes the lead with the achievement of their technical projects. To offer a maximal service as a single point of contact, MENTHOR works with 3 specialised divisions. These divisions are THOR-Engineering, THOR-Maintenance and THOR-Safety. Together they accordingly cover most of the potential technical requirements. MENTHOR has developed its own model with which technical projects can be achieved with speed, transparency and efficiency.

MENTHOR places itself at the service of industrial companies and offers it services through the specialised departments.


THOR-Maintenance takes care of the controlled and optimal maintenance of all technical installations.
THOR Engineering


THOR-Engineering assists with engineering projects for a wide range of disciplines and sectors.


THOR-Safety has the purpose of making all technical installations operable and maintainable without risk.

What makes MENTHOR a reliable partner for industrial companies?

Value creation at the technical organisation

To create value within a technical service, it is of primordial importance to know the value drivers, along with the parameters that have a positive or negative effect on them. The most obvious value driver is the cost, but there are indeed more. Examples may include productivity, competitiveness, quality, safety, welfare, risks, compliance, flexibility, etc. MENTHOR has put a complete format in place whereby these value drivers are made tangible, together with the associated parameters that have associated positive or negative effects on them. This soon creates a picture of where one is at the time and where one can move towards.

Setting up a self-managing and continuously improving organisation

A business organisation is a complicated structure comprising various departments and hierarchies. Gaining control of such an amorphous structure is not a question of just installing meters and control buttons everywhere, it is more an exercise in replacing the meters and control buttons by intelligent and certified systems to the extent possible. Such systems ensure a self-managing and continuously improving organisation This prevents errors and creates space to focus on the company’s value drivers. The MENTHOR formats are handy and efficient tools for setting up such systems.

Industrial architects

In a world where innovations follow each other at pace, it is impossible to specialise in everything. The achievement of technical projects is therefore only possible when all the necessary specialists come to work together. The right man in the right place at the right time.
 MENTHOR has specialised in the coordination of such projects from design to completion. Hence also the name ‘Industrial Architects’. Just like an architect, they ensure the translation of a technical request into a solution, and guide the whole pathway from design and construction up to and including bringing into operation.

Project management as the key to success

If one wishes to bring a project to a successful completion with appropriate handover to the owner, two things are needed; (1) A project manager at home in the specific material of the project and (2) a good project scenario in which project management is documented. At MENTHOR such a project management scenario forms part of the business structures and is in the DNA of their project managers. Everyone understands that such a procedure enables transparent and efficient project follow-up.

MENTHOR can make a speedy and efficient start with a specific approach in line with the project requirements.


MENTHOR offers specific solutions depending on the scope, the complexity and the number of unknowns in the project. In most cases this is a combination of solutions. The co-operative ties that MENTHOR offers are Assessments, Consulting, Contracting, Subcontracting, Secondment and Training.


MENTHOR has already been working for 30 years as a partner in the technical industry so is familiar with the specific needs involved with different industrial activities such as: the manufacturing industry, chemicals, pharmacy, steel, power, agriculture, construction, public works, etc. The experience built up translates into tools and business processes that enable MENTHOR to tackle projects with speed and efficiency.


Immediately useable tools are a strong added value at modern industrial companies where speed and result-orientation are becoming increasingly important. These tools have been developed in the course of the years for the different industrial activities and project methods.